Welcome To Sex Ed Boot Camp

Sex Ed Boot Camp is An Open and Interactive Dialog

We are Dr. Joni Frater & Esther Lastique, best-selling authors, radio hosts and trained sexologists. Funny, sassy and informative, we empower your students to make better decisions about their sexuality with knowledge and confidence.  We offer a fresh perspective on human sexuality, sharing information that your students don't know they don't know. We offer two presentations: Basic Training, and Officer Training School. All lectures include discussions of basic anatomy, sexual responsibility, if and when to be sexual, and safer sex techniques for the 21st century. Students often wish for greater detail on these topics as well as advanced techniques that embrace safety and pleasure for when they choose to explore with a partner. Officer Training School is geared for peer educators. Our programs are inclusive of all sexual orientations and are customizable for gender specific audiences, tailored to meet your student body's needs, delivered mild, medium or spicy!

Our Mission:

To empower and inspire your students to make smarter decisions when they choose to explore their sexuality. Delivered with laughter and love, we want to enlighten young adults to understand the current STD epidemics, how to avoid them and how to play safely.

Together we can prevent your students from becoming a statistic!



Proud Members Of ACHA & NACA