What Students Are Saying

Here are a few quotes from some of our most recent Sex Ed Boot Camp Attendees!


"I thought tonight was an amazing experience, especially as a couple.  You know, it's nice to know that it's safe to coach and be comfortable asking the questions that are needed to know so you can have safer sex with your partner and be more comfortable.  And to come into an environment and talk about sex and not have to worry about if you're being judged or not.  Yeah, no judgement zone is a safe keeper and a great environment and allows you to ask more questions that you would never really find the answers to out in the open."


"I have chosen to be abstinent.  After attending Sex Ed Boot Camp, I feel much more prepared for when I get into a relationship where I choose to be intimate."

"I really enjoyed Sex Ed Boot Camp because it was really knowledgeable and informative, and talked about things like different types of lubricants and things to use and they appeal to both genders, male and female.  It was an overall good session; you can take home more knowledge with you than you know.  And I also like that they emphasize the fact that you don't have to have sex, and that there were other people who are having sex.  It was a great program!"


"The thing I liked best about the presentation was the way they captured the audience.  They tried to bring in the crowd rather than just have it be a lecture, and to do that, they actually gave things out to those who asked questions and answered their questions."


"I loved Sex Ed Boot Camp because it was really informative and they taught us a lot of tips that a lot of programs don't usually talk about like how to put a condom on without too much friction and other stuff.  They really went out of their way to make sure the audience was invloved.  I got a lot out of it!"


"What I really like about the presentation was how open the two speakers were, providing a safe environment by being so open about their sexuality and that really encouraged other people to come in and be open." 


"Went to your presentation tonight at Lock Haven. Awesome by the way, I definitely think there should be more talks like that. It's so much better than everything being so hush hush. People want to learn about this stuff, and we shouldn't have to feel embarrassed for being interested."


"I just caught the last 30 minutes of your presentation here in LHU and it was great. I wish I could have seen the whole thing!"


"Esther and Joni aren’t just another group of adults giving the “safe sex talk” that many of us have heard throughout adolescence. They give you the hard evidence of facts and the consequences you would face if you didn’t practice safe sex with your partner. Their slogan, “Take Care Of Your Privates” says it all!! They also let you explore your feelings in a comfortable environment and allow you to fumble through your thoughts, even if you don’t know the question you are trying to ask. Even if it’s just a self-affirmation out loud, they will always be open and receptive of what you say and do during any session of SEX ED BOOT CAMP. They are knowledgeable in the diversities of sexuality, whether it is orientation, intimacy – both physical and emotional with all of your relationships – or self-love and acceptance. They are friends to talk with, from the very first moment you enter the room. You are fully engaged in the dialogue at all times and they “cover the bases,” so to speak. I met them less than a year ago, and I have already seen them at a college conference, and I talk to them online from time to time. They will always be there for you! These amazing women are more than just sex educators, they are friends!"