Our Programs: Which One is Right For You?

Dr. Joni & Esther now offer three programs for campuses to choose from: Sex Ed Boot Camp, Loving Right and Officer Training School. Below you will find a detailed description of each program, including what topics we cover.

Remember, the best part about working with Joni & Esther is that each presentation is customized for your student body's specific needs. We can mix and match the topics covered for your talk, even if that means overlapping two programs. Once you decide that Dr. Joni & Esther are right for your campus, we will send you a detailed questionnaire to help us create your unique program. (Click here to preview our questionnaire.)

Just give us a call and we can get you started!


Sex Ed Boot Camp : Take Care of Your Privates

Where do young people learn about sex? Usually their information comes from a mixture of embarrassed parents, boring health class, and locker room banter. Add to that the misinformation students pass among themselves and the result is a dangerous concoction of half truths and trial and error experiences. We know that young adults who are better prepared for sexual experiences make healthier and safer choices. In a world where sex can expose you to deadly diseases, students need to be armed with the most current information on preventing the spread of disease, unplanned pregnancy and unwanted sexual advances. In a funny, engaging and interactive discussion, Dr. Joni and Esther talk about how to enjoy sexual exploration in the college environment with responsibility and safety. Each talk is different, customized for your student body's specific needs, answering the tough questions posed by your students, and always inclusive of all genders and sexual orientations. With a sassy approach and a lot of laughter, these sex experts bust the most common myths about sexuality and relationships. Give your students the tools they need to successfully navigate the tricky terrain of dating," hooking up" and maturing into loving, sexually knowledgeable, confident adults.

Topics covered:


  • Understanding your own anatomy (male and female)
  • Preparing to protect yourself and your partner from disease and unplanned pregnancy with safer sex techniques for every act regardless of gender or orientation.
  • Owning and celebrating your sexuality, as you define it.
  • Learning to understand body issues and the pressures about how to orgasm, premature orgasm and the inability to orgasm are confronted and dispersed with a dose of love and laughter.
  • Taking responsibility for your own pleasure.
  • Learning how and when to share your body with a partner, if you choose to.
  • Questioning your sexuality - what it means and learning to respect other people's choices.
  • Sexual responsibility - understanding boundaries and building mutual respect.
  • Alcohol, sex and you - learning where to draw your own line and knowing the law has a say.
  •  Become more confident when making relationship choices, whether to date, become more serious, or decide to marry.

Loving Right : Earn Me Mind, Body & Heart

This new program (released Fall 2013) incorporates our unique conversation about healthy versus unhealthy relationships.  In today's world of reality television and misbehaving superstars, students find they have no role models for what healthy relationships look like.  Loving Right differentiates between the hype and the truth, and how to find the love & respect you deserve.  This program also incorporates most of the sexual health information from Sex Ed Boot Camp, with an emphasis on the intimacy of being in a romantic relationship.  This program is inclusive of all genders & orientations.

Topics covered:


  • What are the four pillars of Healthy Relationships, and how do your relationships compare?
  • Effectively communicating what you need to feel loved.
  • Negotiating what you are comfortable doing sexually, if anything, with a new or current partner.
  • Understanding signs of unhealthy relationships, with an emphasis on behaviors that have the potential to spiral into physical violence.
  • Empowering students to recognize unhealthy dating behaviors among their friends and applying different ways of taking action to reduce a friend's risk.


Officer Training : A Workshop for Peer Educators

Geared for peer educators, this program is designed to enhance the training student leaders have already received. Using new information and sobering statistics, participants will develop a deeper understanding of the issues surrounding sexuality that they will encounter. Conducted in a roundtable discussion format, this program is interactive and very personal, with the focus topics decided on by your advisors. Peer educators are your best line of defense against poor choices made by your student body, interacting with them in class, in the dorms, in club meetings and on the field. Serving on the front lines, the better equipped these officers are, the better off all of your students will be. 


Topics covered:


  • An open dialog about issues your peer educators are facing right now, in a powerful question and answer discussion segment
  • Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) Epidemics in the 21st Century and how to stop the spread of disease
  • How to deal with topics that peer educators may confront including abstinence, unplanned pregnancy, and questioning sexuality, with a focus on separating personal beliefs from advisor responsibility.
  • New information on issues of overall health, popular prescription drugs, and their influence on sexual health.
  • Comparison of the different educational perspectives on sex ed and their effectiveness
  • Evaluation of your current sex ed resources and tips on improving what you've got.